Bundle Includes Undersun Resistance Bands Set, Complete 90-Day Workout Program, Free Door Anchor for Bands, Free Undersun … Our Elite trainer James Grage, takes you through a 5-day split, 90-day program to help you build real muscle and burn serious fat using only resistance bands. Lose Weight, Build Muscle and Gain Strength with Undersun Resistance Bands. Doing this means you won’t wear out the resistance of your lightest bands before you really need them during your workout. Special pricing on Undersun Apparel & Accessories TA2 stands for “Train Anywhere. The pavilion post worked the best with something to sit on (the floor or a chair). HOLIDAY GAINZ START HERE: TRAIN AT HOME, OUTSIDE, OR ON THE GO THIS HOLIDAY SEASON. This thread is archived. TA2 was designed using a weekly muscle building "split" with each muscle-group trained on separate days. Archived. TA2- BUILD This muscle-building workout combines different resistance band exercises, targeting every major muscle group, with a rep and set structure, designed to develop mind-muscle connection, muscle growth, and increased strength. … Train Anytime”, and with the TA2 Muscle Building program, paired with Undersun Resistance Bands, you will have the freedom to do precisely that. How many sets do I do? In this article, we’re going to review the UNDERSUN Resistance Bands and discuss whether or not they’re worth investing in. Your email address will not be published. Time in quarantine during the COVID crises of 2020 gave us the chance to try new home workouts, and we decided to purchase a set of resistance bands to aid in our fitness journey. Close. Automated page speed optimizations for fast site performance, Undersun The 5-Band Complete Exercise Band Set. The TA2 BUILD program is built on a 5-day training split, with each muscle-group trained on separate days. If you like the vibe of what we're doing then join our crew. If you still have extra strength on the last set, do a burnout (as many quick reps as possible until you feel the burn and fail). TA2 is more than a workout program, it's a TRIBE! Undersun Fitness. As we move into month 2 we bring in new exercises that require you to anchor one end of the band to something secure. Did this answer your questions? Don't be fooled with all that flexibility though, TA2 is a true muscle building and strength program. The bands are strong and provide the right amount of resistance. In the pursuit of having better quality of life, James created the TA2 BUILD TRAINING SYSTEM. Undersun Fitness specializes in resistance bands, workout equipment, and exercise programs designed to let you workout anytime, anywhere. Posted by 8 months ago. Never miss a workout with the Undersun Resistance Band Set. It's a tribe! The UNDERSUN Fitness Bands helped us do several of the same movements we regularly performed on machines in the gym, and varying techniques help us create fast-paced burnout workouts with supersets and lots of reps. Your email address will not be published. Products of Undersun Fitness Their products include Resistance Bands, Training Programs such as TA2 Build, TA2 Bodyshock, TA2 Size on, and Ultimate Bundle, as well as a step by step Nutritional Plans. Look for posts everywhere you go – resistance bands open up the possibility of creative workouts in odd places. Follow James Grage as he guides you through TA2 BUILD - 90 Day Complete Muscle Building Program. Even though gyms are open again, they’ll still remain a key part of our exercise plan. Lose Weight, Build Muscle and Gain Strength with Undersun Resistance Bands. We want to keep the planet green, and that's why all Undersun Resistance Workout Bands are made of eco-friendly 100% Natural Latex. Join thousand of TA2 members around the world, from all age ranges, trying to achieve their fitness goals with the … Highly recommend! This approach allows for multiple exercises per body-part, a higher quality of work, and ultimately more muscle. Burn Fat & Build Muscle with Undersun Resistance Bands. We ignored the numbers and focused on pushing ourselves to the max during workouts, but this might not work for people who write down specifics in a … It’s a challenge, and that’s what we want in our workouts. 30 comments. at Amazon.com. Each round is made up of multiple exercises, each targeting specific muscle groups. James Grage TA2 Undersun Resistance Band. The easiest way to burn more calories is by building lean muscle, so this program combines resistance bands exercises for every major muscle group, to help build a lean and toned body. The handout it came with wasn’t particularly useful, containing bits of marketing information. Very impressed with the TA2 bands as well as the Build program! In the end, the UNDERSUN Resistance Bands were perfect for our exercise needs and made a great addition to our home workout setup. If you love working out but don't always love going to the gym, now there's a way to build muscle, burn fat and get fit without weights or machines. You’ve come to the right place! Example Coupons - Undersun Fitness Coupon Code as Below: Special offers: as much as 20% Off w/ Undersun Fitness Discount Code; Up to 23% off Resistance Bands items; Get free shipping across the entire US when you order a Set or Bundle; Subscribe to Undersun Fitness to … save. If you're looking to step up your game, then make sure to check out the 90-Day Muscle Building Program, that follows a 5-day Muscle Building Split, targeting a different muscle group each workout, for maximum muscle development. In addition, we structured them with supersets (repeated exercises with no rest in between) to create quick, easy workouts. If you’re looking for something new to inspire you to get off your feet and working out again, they might be exactly what you need! Each loop resistance band is constructed with a durable seamless design to resist breakage and provide maximum results that you can take anywhere. Imagine the differences between new and used rubber bands…resistance bands are no different. Undersun is an outdoor fitness brand, that focuses on resistance bands products and exercise programs, giving you the freedom to workout anytime and anywhere. Be careful wrapping around rough objects – the material, though durable, can tear if wrapped around coarse materials.