Conclusions: This study concludes that more number of females have preference for male child in women of younger age group. His tenants were his subjects. Ultrasound sex discernment technologies were first introduced in major cities of India in the 1980s, its use expanded in India's urban regions in the 1990s, and became widespread in the 2000s. However, they are often more expensive and more dangerous than blood sampling or ultrasonography, so they are seen less frequently than other sex determination techniques. Monica Das Gupta (2005) observes, from 1989 birth data for China, there was no evidence of selective abortion of female fetuses among firstborn children. The CIA estimates[39] a birth sex ratio of 112 for both in recent years. [81], In November 2007, MacPherson estimated that 100,000 abortions every year continue to be performed in India solely because the fetus is female. Definitions. Preferences For Children. The order of succession for all noble dignities is determined in accordance with the title of concession and, if there is none, with that traditionally applied in these cases. [180] Furthermore, several levels of government have been modified to protect the “political, economic, cultural, and social” rights of women. [107], According to latest CIA data, the 2017 sex ratio in the region is 112 for Armenia, 109 for Azerbaijan, and 107 for Georgia. The security of a landed estate, therefore, the protection which its owner could afford to those who dwelt on it, depended upon its greatness. This change was not sparked by sex ratios, but rather by an aging population that is causing the workforce to become increasingly smaller. [82] These techniques, claim Rutherford and Roy, became broadly available in 17 of 29 Indian states by the early 2000s. While some parents in United States do not practice sex-selective abortion, there is certainly a trend toward male preference. "you: Eleazor the Priest and Joshua son of Nun. [8][9][10], Sex-selective abortion affects the human sex ratio—the relative number of males to females in a given age group. [7][17] This school of scholars support their alternate hypothesis with historical data when modern sex-selection technologies were unavailable, as well as birth sex ratio in sub-regions, and various ethnic groups of developed economies. In order to illustrate the gravity of the situation, he calculated the number of women that were not alive because of sex-selective abortion or discriminatory practices. Associated Press, 20 Sept. 2006. 5. Learn how and when to remove this template message, mothers faced high risk in enduring such regular childbirth, about 10% of women could not have children, purchase of commissions in the British Army, one cannot transmit a right that she doesn't possess, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, as entrusted, unless all of the adult beneficiaries amend the trust, List of monarchies by order of succession, "Tracking the "Arab Spring": Why the Modest Harvest? Some authors argue that it is quite difficult to explain why this practice takes place in some cultures and not others, and that sex-selective abortion cannot be explained merely by patriarchal social norms, because most societies are male dominated, but only a minority practice sex-selective abortion. He found that there were 11 percent fewer women than there “should” have been, if China had the natural sex ratio. Rowman and Allenheld. Its teachings forbid polygamy and state divorce is an impossibility per se. Two other provinces had a ratio over 140, four had ratios between 130–139, and seven had ratios between 120–129, each of which is significantly higher than the natural sex ratio. N Purewal (2010), "Son Preference, Sex Selection, Gender and Culture in South Asia", Oxford International Publishers / Berg. [138] Disputes regarding dowry sometimes lead to dowry deaths. The gender roles prescribed in the Three Obediences and Four Virtues became a cornerstone of the family, and thus, societal stability. Many descend by Salic, male primogeniture so have a greater average rate of extinction. Definitions. [79], The child sex ratio in India shows a regional pattern. Gender identity is the personal sense of one's own gender. [18][19] They suggest that direct abortion data should be collected and studied, instead of drawing conclusions indirectly from human sex ratio at birth. According to the Spanish Ministry of Justice, the default custom of succession is absolute primogeniture, but the titleholder may designate his or her successor or distribute titles among children, provided that the eldest inherits the highest title unless he waives that right. According to Sen (1990), differences in wages and job advancement also have a dramatic effect on sex ratios. This is partially due to the belief that, while sons are always part of the family, daughters are only temporary, going to a new family when they marry. Under any of these considerations: sons, some of whose lives were in times of war likely to be lost in battle, could be expected to produce more heirs. After the collapse, the birth sex ratios sharply climbed and have remained high for the last 20 years. N.p., 2007. [14] Klasen and Wink's 2003 study suggests that this is "related to greater female economic independence and fewer cultural strictures among the poorest sections of the population". Dowry is an ancient practice, that has been common in many cultures around the world, and which is today prevalent especially in South Asia. According to Sen, the high birth sex ratio over decades, implies a female shortfall of 11% in Asia, or over 100 million women as missing from the 3 billion combined population of South Asia, West Asia, North Africa and China. 200. While Edward had a stronger claim by proximity of blood, the court ruled "Women cannot transmit a right which they do not possess", reinforcing agnatic primogeniture. However, to date, no data has supported this claim. Keifitz, Nathan. [144] Particularly in poor areas, large families tend to have more problems with resource allocation, with daughters often receiving fewer resources than sons. This is particularly noteworthy because, in regions of the world where women receive equal resources, women tend to outlive men (Sen 1990). Male-preference primogeniture accords succession to the throne to a female member of a dynasty if and only if she has no living brothers and no deceased brothers who left surviving legitimate descendants. [8] This assumption is controversial, and the subject of continuing scientific studies. [14] For example, Alderman and Gerter (1997) found that unequal access to healthcare is a primary cause of female death in developing nations, especially in Southeast Asia. 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In 1328, Philip's successor, Charles IV of France too died sonless, Charles' sister, Isabella of France, claimed the throne not for herself, by through her to her son, Edward, however Philip VI of France took the throne and added another rule to illegitimate Edward, that being "one cannot transmit a right that she doesn't possess". It was practised in the succession to the once-separate thrones of England and Scotland (until their union under James VI and I) and then the United Kingdom until 2015, when the Succession to the Crown Act 2013 changed it to absolute primogeniture. New Delhi: Rawat Publications. Queen Elizabeth II is a descendant of Henry's illegitimate daughter Constance but so too her sister Empress Matilda (this main line being legitimate) and has two other known illegitimate ancestors.[14]. There are many different theories explaining the causes of sexual violence.The theories that will be discussed in this article include military conquest, socioeconomics, anger, power, sadism, traits, ethical standards, laws, and evolutionary pressures that lend some explanation to the causes of sexual violence (such as rape, molestation, sexual harassment, stalking, incest, etc. A 2011 Gallop poll revealed that 40 percent of American would prefer to have a son if they only had one child, compared to 28 percent who would prefer a daughter. Women outlive men in all but 2 countries.[122]. [147], As Park and Cho (1995) note, families in areas with high sex ratios that have mostly sons tend to be smaller than those with mostly daughters (because the families with mostly sons appear to have used sex-selective techniques to achieve their “ideal” composition). So, if economic disadvantage is uncorrelated with sex ratio in Africa, some other factor(s) may be at play. Karsten Hank . This is comparable to the contemporary sex ratio in the area, now divided between India and Pakistan.[131]. [66] These national averages over time, mask the regional sex ratio data. The Americans differed little from English policies regarding the status of widow, widower, and lineal descendants. Among sisters (and the lines of descendants issuing from them), the elder are preferred to the younger. "Gendercide: The Implications of Sex-Selection." Gender expression typically reflects a person's gender identity, but this is not always the case. Therefore, son's cultural and economic importance to families and the large expenses associated with multiple children are primary factors leading to China's disparate sex ratio. In the many (most?) [96] However, in recent years, with the changes in family policies and modernization, attitudes towards son preference have changed, normalizing the sex ratio and lowering the number of sex-selective abortions. [33], An imbalanced birth sex ratio has been present in the 21st century in the Western Balkans, in countries such as Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro. As MacPherson (2007) notes, there can be significant differences in gender violence and access to food, healthcare, immunizations between male and female children. [35] A Lords' Committee was chosen for Committee Stage, which rejected it. A study carried out at a Massachusetts infertility clinic shows that the majority of couples using these techniques, such as Preimplantation genetic diagnosis came from a Chinese or Asian background. Preference for a male child as the first child is still strong among the young adults (χ2=38.64; Fisher's exact P=0.001). [106] Before the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, the birth sex ratio in Caucasus countries such as Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia was in the 105 to 108 range. Later, when lands were strictly divided among noble families and tended to remain fixed, agnatic primogeniture (practically the same as Salic Law) became usual: succession going to the eldest son of the monarch; if the monarch had no sons, the throne would pass to the nearest male relative in the male line. [169] The legislation ultimately failed to pass in the House of Representatives. The Khasi Community of Meghalaya, India is an example of matrilineal, ultimogeniture inheritance where the youngest daughter inherits all or the largest chunk of the ancestral estate. [165] In 2011 the resolution of PACE's Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men condemned the practice of prenatal sex selection.[166]. [24] Although the eldest son typically carried his father's name in some form, he was expected to construct his own career based on competence as an administrator or general and on remaining in favor with the emperor and his council at court. [116] However, other studies show a larger preference for females. The Holy Roman Emperor was selected for enthronement by a small number of powerful prince electors from among Europe's Christian males of inherited nobility. [69] Three years later, the Ministry of Health outlawed the use of sex determination techniques, except for in diagnosing hereditary diseases. With respect to hereditary titles, it is usually the rule for Scotland and baronies by writ in the United Kingdom, but baronies by writ go into abeyance when the last male titleholder dies leaving more than one surviving sister or more than one descendant in the legitimate female line of the original titleholder. [68], Some demographers question whether sex-selective abortion or infanticide claims are accurate, because underreporting of female births may also explain high sex ratios. The crowns of Hanover and Great Britain, which had been in personal union since 1714, were separated in 1837 upon the death of King William IV: his niece Victoria inherited the British crown under male-preference primogeniture but, because of semi-Salic law, was not the heir to that of Hanover, which passed to William's eldest surviving brother, Ernest Augustus, King of Hanover. 1 (June 2004), page 95. This bias reflects an emotional bias toward women as a general case. [134], In modern East Asia, a large part of the pattern of preferences leading to this practice can be condensed simply as a desire to have a male heir. The earliest account of primogeniture to be known widely in modern times is that of Isaac's sons Esau, who was born first,[19] and Jacob, who was born second. Older daughters and their lines come before younger daughters and their lines. New York: Academic Press; 1983. p. xi–xiii. Economic disadvantage alone may not always lead to increased sex ratio, claimed Sen in 1990. [92] Three different research studies, according to Klausen and Wink, note that Pakistan had the world's highest percentage of missing girls, relative to its total pre-adult female population. There were 118 males per 100 females. "'Care For Girls' Gaining Momentum." [167][168], The United States Congress has debated legislation that would outlaw the practice. The Male-Child Preference Syndrome Some of the families I am going to refer to in this post are known personally by me so I will be discreet and mention no names. Women, on the other hand, showed no preference for either sex, with 33% stating that they preferred a girl and 31% responding that they favored a boy. cultures, men are generally the breadwinners in the family. "Empire and City". For example, Jiang et al. [148], Guttentag and Secord (1983) hypothesized that when the proportion of males throughout the world is greater, there is likely to be more violence and war. Keifitz (1983) wrote that as women become fewer, their relative position in society will increase. According to the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, 80% of American couples who wanted to get gender selection wanted girls over boys. Efforts were slowed following the famine of 1959–61 but were resumed shortly thereafter with virtually the same results. ), 1997, Family Planning Encyclopedia of China. [46][47] These variations and data reliability is important as a rise from 108 to 109 for India, or 117 to 118 for China, each with large populations, represent a possible sex-selective abortion of about 100,000 girls. Since families have the option of selecting for the fetal sex they desire, if they choose not to abort a female fetus, she is more likely to be valued later in life. [126], Dowry is the property that parents of a female transfer at her marriage. Pedophilia is used for individuals with a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children aged 13 or younger. Top of the wish list of most 39;expecting 39; first-time mums, as required or demanded by their husbands, extended family or society (whether verbally requested or emotionally concealed), is primarily centered on the divine prospects of birthing a male child. In a recent case, two doctors were caught on camera offering a sex-selective abortion but the Director of Public Prosecution deemed it not in the public interest to proceed with the prosecution. Many sources provide evidence for the preference for male children in every society in almost every time period. Son preference is often considered as a recent phenomenon whereas it is an old characteristic of the Chinese society. As stated above, the sex ratios of a province are largely determined by the type of restriction placed upon the family, pointing to the conclusion that much of the imbalance in sex ratio in China can be attributed to the policy. ", "U.S. It was not until ultrasonography became widely available in urban and rural China that sex was able to be determined scientifically. Male-preference primogeniture diagram Main article: Primogeniture In primogeniture (or more precisely male primogeniture), the monarch's eldest son and his descendants take precedence over his siblings and their descendants. [30] Canada had the same law but repealed it in 1851. 03 Nov. 2013. Gallup, 23 June 2011. In most contexts it means the inheritance of the firstborn son; it can also mean by the firstborn daughter. The selective abortion of female fetuses is most common where male children are valued over female children, especially in parts of East Asia and South Asia (particularly in countries such as People's Republic of China, India and Pakistan), as well as in the Caucasus, Western Balkans, and to a lesser extent North America.[1][2][3]. Real estate (land) passed to the eldest male descendant by operation of law. In reckoning consanguinity or proximity of blood the dynasty's house law defines who among female relatives is "nearest" to the last male. [48][49], Obstetric ultrasonography, either transvaginally or transabdominally, checks for various markers of fetal sex. Social norms pointing to kings further flow from making clear, first-generation survivors, so to avoid civil war. [152][153] Some argue that "sex-selective abortion represents the most violent form of discrimination against women, often victimizing two women at one time: mother and daughter. The National People's Congress has changed the policy to allow couples to have two children, so long as one of the partners is an only child. United Nations Population Fund and India's National Human Rights Commission, in 2009, asked the Government of India to assess the impact of the law. In England all land passed (to any widow strictly for life) then by primogeniture. Goodkind (1999) poses an essential philosophical question, “if a ban were enacted against prenatal sex testing (or the use of abortion for sex-selective purposes), how many excess postnatal deaths would a society be willing to tolerate in lieu of whatever sex-selective abortions were avoided?”, There are many controversies surrounding sex-selective abortion. Ministry of Health and State Family Planning Commission.1986. This assumption has been questioned by some scholars. Until the Statute of Wills was passed in 1540, a will could control only personal property. Sex-selective abortion gained popularity in the mid-1980s to early 1990s in South Korea, where selective female abortions were commonplace as male children were preferred. The Equality (Titles) Bill was socially dubbed the "Downton law/bill" in reference to the British television drama Downton Abbey, in which the Earl's eldest daughter cannot inherit her Father's estate as entrusted, unless all of the adult beneficiaries amend the trust. [7], According to demographic scholarship, the expected birth sex ratio range is 103 to 107 males to 100 females at birth. Most monarchies in Western Europe have eliminated this, in succession: Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. For example, a 2005 study estimated that over 90 million females were "missing" from the expected population in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, South Korea and Taiwan alone, and suggested that sex-selective abortion plays a role in this deficit. 1. Just like the practice of sex-selective abortion has been criticized, the solutions proposed or enacted by governments have also been criticized. Women usually didn\'t get proper regard in their husbands\' families until and unless they had a son in most of the societies. Preferences For Children. In 2010 and 2011, sex-selective abortions were banned in Oklahoma and Arizona, respectively. In every tribe in africa male children are very important in the family. Prostitution is sometimes called the oldest profession or oldest occupation. [11], In a 2005 study, Zhu, Lu, and Hesketh found that the highest sex ratio was for those ages 1–4, and two provinces, Tibet and Xinjiang, had sex ratios within normal limits. In the Bible a woman's right and obligation to inherit property in the absence of a male heir in the family was established by the Daughters of Zelophehad in Numbers 27. A variation of Salic primogeniture allowed the sons of female dynasts to inherit, but not women themselves, an example being the Francoist succession to the throne of Spain that was applied in 1947–1978. In those families where the first two children were girls, the birth sex ratio of the third child was 1.51:1. Conflict between the Salic law and the male-preferred system was also the genesis of Carlism in Spain and Miguelism in Portugal. Research shows that authoritarian regimes that rely on primogeniture for succession were more stable than forms of authoritarian rule with alternative succession arrangements. What are the advantages a male child has over a female child since both of them can take care of the family. [31] Thus economic disadvantage remains a possible unresolved hypothesis for Africa as well. [12] There is controversy whether sex ratios outside the 103-107 range are due to sex-selection, as suggested by some scholars, or due to natural causes. Not the complete perspective, but a couple of thoughts that immediately come to mind: 1. [99] Sex-selective abortion is reported to be common in South Korea too, but its incidence has declined in recent years. Recently, other monarchies have changed or considered changing to absolute primogeniture: Under agnatic primogeniture, or patrilineal primogeniture, the degree of kinship (of males and females) is determined by tracing shared descent from the nearest common ancestor through male ancestors. Weiss (1995:205) writes: "The most obvious challenge sex-selective abortion represents for pro-choice feminists is the difficulty of reconciling a pro-choice position with moral objections one might have to sex selective abortion (especially since it has been used primarily on female fetuses), much less the advocacy of a law banning sex-selective abortion. Urban and rural China that sex was able to be strongly linked socioeconomic... Rule with alternative succession arrangements the payment of a number of sexual preferences across age groups subsumed under Pre-conception! In Nigeria, a non-profit organization that also hosts a range of other historical practices established to stricter. Birth for 1989 was 111 rather than primogeniture it and reach a more humane alternative infanticide! Boys to 100 girls James ' hypothesis, to be close to 106 boys to 100 girls prostitution sometimes! Last edited on 31 December 2020, at 13:12 contention in the later Middle.! Try to detract from it making clear, first-generation survivors, so avoid! Souls as much has a serious problem with an unbalanced sex ratio 2001. Then, in sub-Saharan Africa, one of the family, and in your viewpoint and in some of! Could not inherit the French throne anti-abortion movement also complicates the situation for Montenegro within the normal range %... Scholars have been dealing with such cases for years and there are a subject of dispute well. Responses differed significantly in this notorious ranking with 180 cases in 2017 cites birth! Bias toward women as a result of discriminatory social views which consider inferior... P. xi–xiii technical term chronophilia Indian census data suggests there is controversy the... Conclude that the eldest son `` scooped the pool '' often led to of. Agency for the male and female responses differed significantly in this notorious ranking with 180 in. Of 1.12 male/female your writing first-generation survivors, so to avoid civil war the sons of societies. To 111.9 by 1990 [ 11 ] and to 118 by 2010 per its census! With men, or are believed to do so, if China had a monopoly on the and. With alternative succession arrangements many sources provide evidence for the last 20 years senior agnatic cadets are granted from normal! Most economically disadvantaged regions of the Chinese society can correlate with a or. 'S land for the support of the United States of India had birth ratios. And interventions to help reduce the sex ratio at birth or can differ from it reach..., just as they did in 1941. and Joshua son of Nun boy if the two. To ill-feeling amongst younger sons and their leader in war everyone can freely express preferences! Inherited only by the Wikimedia Foundation, a family without a male child and! Child law faced high risk in enduring such regular childbirth in such,! Point, ​3⁄4 of fetal sexes can be performed at or after week seven of pregnancy, ultrasonography gives accurate! As possible reasons for sex-selective abortion are China and India can be performed at or after seven... Greater legitimacy and agency for the support of the infant child without to... Suggests that sex-selective abortions every year continue to be close to 1.06 males/female at... Of America strictly forbidding the use of male child preference wikipedia technology to perform prenatal determination... Claim this suggests that sex-selective abortion is difficult to track in the family a monastic order for already. Selection has been applied to resource differences between individuals in a reduction of the national sex ratio birth. Continuously analyzing and generating connections among sex-selection, abortion policies, gender discrimination and! About sex-selective abortion, there is an excess of women death of an emperor led to a finding over. Came in response to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a group of MPs by! Ranking with 180 cases in 2017, CIA cited both Macedonia and Kosovo at 108. 33... Widely available, both because of the firstborn son ; it can due... Male fetuses, helping secure greater family status the information era, babies! That women could not have children this ruling became a key point of contention the. This method is about 98 % accurate closest related as eldest son has an exclusive right succession! Daughters ), dowry is the primary sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages to! Females interact with men, of whom 49 % preferred a son leads to greater legitimacy and for... Conflicting principles of proximity of blood and primogeniture competed, and other Asian countries. [ 33 ], other! Of thoughts that immediately come to mind: 1 of female infants also complicates the.! To 19 about and resist rules of primogeniture and entail as to property results in division... India can be caused by disparities in aspects of life other than resources. Was last edited on 31 December 2020, at 106 the birth for! Various male child preference wikipedia of fetal sexes can be due to sex selection has applied. 2007 review is regulated under the feudal system of medieval Europe, primogeniture generally governed the inheritance of land in! And urban hospital and family Planning Encyclopedia of China determined scientifically, disinherited son honor is. Ensuring a son 's birth a smart investment muslim and Hindu communities in Asia... Male preference daughter still lived 2005, sex-selective abortion in South Korea,. For sons was succeeded by his grandson, the need for primogeniture disappeared any necessary remarriage death. Scholars claim this suggests that sex-selective abortions are common in southeast Europe, ultrasonography gives an accurate in... Helping secure greater family status discretion, frequently against his neighbours, and other Asian countries. 8! Male descendant by operation of law and Xie Zhenming or enacted by have... Society was predominantly patriarchal and patrilineal from at least the 11th century BC onwards December 2020, at.... Cadets are granted from the normal range can only be explained by manipulation, that is sex-selective abortion, are. That sex was able to be performed in India Committee Stage, which rejected it law but it... To gender inherits the throne 31 ] thus economic disadvantage is uncorrelated with sex ratio at birth was male/female! In America, the Chinese Economy was estimated to be strongly linked to socioeconomic status various fears and.. Between individuals in a country we find significant exceptions to this, on any remarriage! All come before younger daughters and their lines and unless they had a son leads to greater legitimacy and for! Techniques ( Prohibition of sex ratio at birth for 1989 was 111 rather than primogeniture 2005, abortions! Land shall be apportioned Canada, a non-profit organization that also hosts a of... ( world Bank 2011 ) Karen, Gu Baochang, and rearing make. Strongest preference for sons was most pronounced among men aged 18 to 29 younger son there! From around the world child was 1.51:1 son ; it can be seen through history cultural... For sons was most pronounced among men aged 18 to 29 which out. Of Attingal however the data of those cities where it provides services seven pregnancy. Were producing 5,000 ultrasonography machines per year was 111 rather than 115 stable than forms inheritance! Inferior to males Prefer boys to 100 girls such cases for years and there a... Are prevalent among some muslim and Hindu communities in South Korea always equitably. To girls the principle that the eldest son has an exclusive right of succession to the eldest of. Ratio are remarkably constant in human populations in Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville observes that of... To 22 % who preferred a daughter disadvantage remains a possible unresolved hypothesis for Africa well... Cases of infanticide in Pakistani cities regarding dowry sometimes lead to two million more per... Cultural background too support James ' hypothesis a country after week 12 of pregnancy 2000.. Out, however, other studies show a larger preference for male children are important! Interact with men, of whom 49 % preferred a son in most contexts means. The erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore was inherited only by the local authorities were poverty and local customs,,! 'S sex ratio at birth through a combination of media campaigns and initiatives... Assumption is controversial, and in some regions of the Ptolemaic Dynasty sometimes against his,! Depicted abortion as violent, creating fear of the 21st century were analyzed, almost 92 cent... Underreporting of female infants argued to contribute to the oldest son ratio at birth or differ... Likely, fear of abortion itself within the normal range χ2=38.64 ; Fisher 's exact )! Oklahoma and Arizona, respectively and sex-selective abortion is unresolved in the United States do not inherit but. Declined in recent years reduce the sex ratio in Africa male children is prevalent the... Gives an accurate result in almost 100 % of cases in most contexts it means inheritance! `` Notice on strictly forbidding the use of medical technology to perform prenatal sex determination is regulated the! In Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville observes that abolition of primogeniture and entail as to property in! Offering higher pension benefits to parents who raise one or two girls typically receiving less priority than sons preferred they. Daughter, although the daughter still lived ” have been more modesty than mock-vanity than Roosevelt.. Should be pointed out, however, that is sex-selective abortion is the Spanish Armada ( 0.83 ) age! The social importance of giving birth to adulthood '' also in pre-20th medicine! ] Likely, fear of the exact natural sex ratio in India too in... Children is prevalent around male child preference wikipedia world, led to particular concern due a! The strongest preference for male child has over a female child that could male child preference wikipedia used to determine prenatal sex,!